Here are three different course examples for various target groups.

The Bauhaus in Weimar. | Five-day specialist course.
Target group | Architecture and design students.
Contents | Talks on Bauhaus history, guided tours to original Bauhaus sites in Weimar (e.g. the main building of Bauhaus University, the Haus am Horn building) and a creative workshop.

The Bauhaus as Inspiration: Creative Ideas in DesignEight-day specialist course.
Target group | Company directors of design offices.
Contents | Talks on Bauhaus topics, guided tours to historical Bauhaus sites in Weimar and Dessau, company visits, exhibition visits and a multi-day creative workshop.

The Bauhaus as Inspiration: Interior Design Ten-day specialist course.
Target group | Employees of architecture and design offices. 
Contents | Talks on the principles and impact of the Bauhaus up until the present day, guided tours of historical Bauhaus sites in Weimar, Dessau and Berlin, visits to current exhibitions, company visits and a multi-day creative workshop.

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Insights into a five-day specialist course

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